Remote Start Kit – Basic – 99-04 WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee


This kit provides everything needed to self-install 1-way remote start with keyless entry onto your 1999-2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee (WJ).

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This kit is a 1-way setup.  This means that signals are only sent in one direction.  The key-fob remote sends the signal to the car to start/lock/unlock.  If you would like confirmation where the car then sends a response signal to the remote that the signal was received and the relevant action was performed successfully, look for the “2-Way” listing on this website instead.  The primary benefit to the 2-way system is that you know the car is running without potentially needing to look out the window to see that lights are on, etc. You can start it from your desk at work, your bedroom at home, and other places where you cannot see the car itself and want to know for sure that the signal made its way to the car.  Want to control your vehicle from your phone?  Check out the “Drone LTE” version!

The kit will be professionally prepared and “bench-prepped” ready for you to install on your vehicle.  This means that the items will have been removed from their retail packaging and wired together.  The unit will come ready to install (pre-programmed) with wire-connectors terminated on every wire you must connect as well as T-taps to apply to the wires in your vehicle so you do not need to cut/strip those wires.

Note that on this vehicle there is one wire you must cut, strip and terminate to connect either side through the remote starter assembly.  This is a simple procedure and is required for any remote start kit on this vehicle.  Once the wiring connections have been made you will follow a quick procedure to allow the remote starter kit to “learn” your key.  The kit will not function until this learning procedure is complete.

No warranties are expressed or implied with this product due to the self-installation.  As with all remote starter systems, for warranties to be valid these products must be installed by a professional (as per the manufacturer). Units will be tested for functionality prior to shipping to confirm you do not receive a defective product.

Physical hardware included in this kit:

  • Remote Start Kit (Includes a pair of 1-way remotes, starter “brain”, antenna and relevant wiring harnesses)
  • Bypass Module (Pre-programmed for this application)
  • T-Taps and wiring connectors for all connections you will need to make

This kit provides for a simple and clean installation!  I will use whichever compatible bypass I have in stock.  If you’d like to guarantee that I use a BLADE-AL bypass, please select that option above.  The BLADE-AL allows for one wire less during the installation process and also is compatible with more vehicles should you ever remove the system from your WJ in the future.

Tools required for installation:

  • 10mm socket with matching socket wrench
  • Philips-head screwdriver (P2)
  • Wire cutters (to cut one wire)
  • Wire strippers (to strip the two sides of the single wire you cut)
  • Wire crimpers (to crimp connectors onto the two sides of the single wire you cut and stripped)
  • Regular pliers (or T-Tap tool)

After install you will be able to:

  • Remote start your vehicle from the new key-fobs
  • Lock/Unlock your doors from the new key-fobs

Additional information

Weight 40 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in
Bypass Used

Regular Stock, BLADE-AL Upgrade

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