Prepped & Programmed Bypass – ADS-ALCA Version




ADS-ALCA that has been programmed with WJ firmware, plus the wiring harness prepared for install with connectors. 2-way data mode using ADS serial cable only.

This unit is for older remote starters that do not have a Blade slot in them (such as the CM800 brain). Use the Blade-AL version for starters that can use it, such as those with a CM900 brain.

If you need assistance with your starter you purchased separately, please reach out first to confirm I can support it.  If you have not purchased a starter yet, please purchase one of my complete kits for a fully prepped and programmed DIY solution with all connectors included. This kit only includes the connectors needed for the bypass.

NOTE: This purchase DOES NOT include access to full vehicle wiring diagram (that includes the starter brain) like the full kit purchases.  Nor does it include the installation video or full customer support provided with the full kits.  I fully test everything I sell before shipping and am only able to help with the pieces I’ve sold you.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 6 × 1 in